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United Earth Saga Story Ideas

The United Earth Saga is (or will be) a series of novellas. I am currently halfway through with the first installment, “Fatal Discovery”. I will post character and setting details soon.

“Double Take”
Fletcher and Alyssa are accidentally sent to the past (our present and while trying to get back, discover the reason for the cold war between New Russia and United Earth.
They are then faced with the choice of trying to change history for the better or letting it take its course.

Fletcher and Alyssa find a hidden Russian base on earth after discovering a man with a computer in place of a brain. It turns out that New Russia has been secretly experimenting on people of United Earth and building a cyborg army.

“First Contact”
United Earth has sent it’s first extrasolar ship to search for other forms of life outside of our solar system. They encounter a race of artificial life forms called the Ik’thern. They seem friendly at first, but the crew of the UES Roddenberry soon find that their new found “friends” have a lot to hide.