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The Truth About Emily Caine Prologue



Six months in the future…

 ”Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” A man in a black overcoat tossed a handful of dirt into the grave before him. A group of fifteen people stood, umbrellas in hand, around the grave as the rain fell. Several minutes passed, filled only by the sound of the rain in the trees. Finally, the man in the black coat said, “Rest in peace Emily Caine, amen.”

 Lightning flickered overhead and a tremendous clap of thunder sounded as the crowd disbursed. A lady in her early twenties walked to a car parked near the curb. As she was opening the door, the man in the black coat walked up.

 ”I’m deeply sorry for your loss miss…” He stopped as the wind blew the lady’s hood back to reveal her face. “I’m sorry,” he said, as she noticed the shocked look on his face, “it’s just that you look just like…”

 ”I know,” she responded, “quite bizarre isn’t it?”

 He nodded. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

 ”My name? I don’t suppose my name matters much anymore.” With that, she got into her car and drove away, leaving the man standing in the downpour…



Absolute Truth?

It has been said that “absolute truth” is something that is true no matter who believes in it. It is said to be something established by a “higher being”. But what I don’t understand is how we know *who* that higher being is and why that higher being is right. I know Christians believe that the Bible is what tells us what and who is right, but what about non-Christians.

Christians believe with all of their hearts that what they believe is really real, but so do Hindu and Buddhists and all of those other religions.

Who is to objectively say who is wrong and who is right? To believe in the teachings of Christianity, takes faith, and faith is not “absolute”. There is always a measure of uncertainty in faith, thus, there is no “absolute” way of proving who is right and who is wrong until the end is upon us.

There is, in truth, no beauty.

Truth is relative.
I don’t understand all of this talk about how there is “absolute truth” and nothing else. It is an absolute truth that God exists, but there are truths that are not “absolute”. For example, there is in truth, no beauty, because what you call beautiful might be ugly to me. I find redheads attractive, but I know others that find redheads repulsive. So that proves that there is a such thing as “relative truth”.