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I wrote a blog post about my Hipster obsession.

I wish I could be a hipster. Hipster is just such a fun word to say. Hipster. Just say it out loud. Isn’t it just fun? I wish I could be a Scottish hipster, but, I’m kind of from Georgia…..

I wish I was hipster, but I’m not skinny and I don’t wear tight, worn jeans or vintage apparel. I don’t have an obsession with Indie-rock (though it is pretty awesome), and I’m not in the 20-30 year old age range just yet.


I just want to fall through a crack in time and find my self in an alternate reality where I would be Andrew Garfield with a Scottish accent and wear cool glasses. And I would work as a photojournalist and basically live at coffee shops. And on the weekends I would travel to the downtowns of famous cities and soak up the night life. Or maybe I would just sit write for hours.





In the alternate reality, I would have a Yorkshire Terrier named Liam and I would live in a totally glass house on the top of huge green hill where it would always be raining.




Too bad gashes in reality are still quite a while in our future. Don’t ask how I know that.

(I am from the future.)


Theories about time travel

I think the idea of time travel is intriguing. There are three general theories about what would happen if it were possible.

1.) By going back, time would be rewound therefor you would have no memory of going back and time would unravel the same way. This would make travel to the future theoretically impossible.

2.) When you travel backward or forward in time, you could possibly encounter another version of yourself. Some say the consequences of encountering yourself could be disastrous, others say it would do little damage to the time continuum.

3.) The last theory is much like the first. If time is rewound, only the person (or people) within the “time machine” would be aware of what happened and there would be no alternate versions of themselves. They could then theoretically relive their lives.

My favorite theory is number three; what do you think?