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My 18th birthday is fast approaching. Actually its over seven months away, but I like to tell myself that it’s almost here. Turning 18 is a big step in ones life. It means, in Georgia at least, that I will be considered an “adult.” (legally anyway) I have compiled a short list of the things I will do (or will probably do) on my 18th birthday.

  1. Sleep. I find sleep to be a big waste of time, but it is a necessary evil (like war, driving cars, showering…).
  2. Eat. I love to eat, as most people can tell by my marshmallowy body.
  3. Work. My 18th birthday falls on a Tuesday (which is the most boring day of the week in my opinion.), so I will most likely be working.
  4. School. There is a 96.09% chance that I will have a class on my birthday, but I could always skip it.
  5. Buy a lottery ticket. I do not advocate the playing of the lottery, but as 18 is the legal starting age to play the lottery in Georgia, I see it as a coming of age sort of thing.
  6. Buy a pack of cigarettes. I in no way believe that smoking is good. I find it, in most cases, disgusting. I will not even open the cigarettes that I buy, it’s just another one of those coming of age things. If you smoke, hit me up on May 8th, 2012 for some free cigarettes. Unless you’re underage, then you should do it covertly.
  7. Write. I try to write everyday, but it usually doesn’t happen. But I have a goal to write a novel when I’m 18, so I will probably spend a good portion of the night of my 18th birthday, planning said novel.
  8. Spend time with my friends. I have very few friends, (something about the black hole I have in place of a heart seems to drive people away…) but the I love the friends I have.
  9. Watch The Avengers. Although The Avengers comes out on May 4th, and I will have already seen it at the midnight premier, I will see it again because if it is as good as the movies leading up to it, I will want to see it multiple times.
  10. Eat. ‘Nuff said.