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College is for idiots?

College is an interesting thing. I would say that approximately 84.67% of the kids at freshman orientation are coming to college to party. Also to party. And party.

There is another, significantly smaller, percentage that just want to get away from home. They seem to make up about 7.33%.

The remaining future students have actually come to college to study. I would be in that last group. I actually care about my future. I don’t care to make minimum wage for all of my adult life.

Of course partying could be fun, but there’s the part about me being very claustrophobic… So maybe partying isn’t the best idea. Also, I have a disorder that causes my face to become violently red if my body is exposed to alcohol (or chlorine) so partying would end up being unsettling and painful.

And while I do want to get away from home as soon as possible, my future existence sort of takes priority. If staying home all the way through college will allow me to be a better person when I finally leave, then I suppose that’s what I’ll do (though I’m still hoping I’ll get to leave sooner).

So answer me this: If the next generation of adults is not concerned with their future, what will happen to us in the next decade? If colleges are mostly made up of idiots who are doomed to fail, what’s going to happen when those idiots become the future?


Crazy. Beautiful. Life.

I recently had the pleasure of actually taking the time to sit and enjoy life. I walked outside and looked out across the yard to see rain falling under a perfectly blue sky.

Eventually, clouds rolled out across the blue sky bringing with them, a rainbow. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was wonderful to actually be able to stop and enjoy this beautiful thing called “life”.