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Of Doctors and Elk (or Day 3)

I had a much duller day today. I left my driver’s license and bank card in my father’s car, so I couldn’t really do anything but sit at my camp sight. This could have been fun, but it started raining. So I just had to sit in the back of my car. I had to leave the tailgate open to let some air in, so a hornet decided to take shelter with me. That was not fun.

The up side is that I got to catch up on some reading and edit a few pictures. I tried to do some writing, but I find it hard to write at a campground… in the rain… with a hornet next to me…

I also watched an episode of Doctor Who. I am currently halfway through the David Tennant era. Although I do agree with many people that Tennant was brilliant, Matt Smith is my Doctor. I started watching Doctor Who in 2010, so Smith was the first Doctor I saw. I know that will make me unpopular with many fans, but I can’t help it. It feels like cheating when I say Tennant is my Doctor. I think Tennant mad a much more human Doctor whereas Smith’s Doctor is more alien.

After my father returned, we took a trip to a buffet, were I had a combined breakfast/lunch/supper. We had no food at the campsite, so I just sort of starved.

After breakfast/lunch/supper (brechupper?) we went to find some Elk that my father had seen earlier. And we found:







I really wanted to see a bear, but we didn’t have any luck. I almost when up to pet the Elk, but there was a park ranger behind us, so I figured that wouldn’t be a good idea.

I also saw a man smoking a pipe and a convention of Volkswagen Beetles. I didn’t manage to get pictures of either.


My Vacation, Part 3

I woke up this morning and had another terrible experience with that stupid shower.

I’ve noticed that several of the people around the camp ground appear to live here on a permanent basis. I’m not sure I could live my life in a camper, but to each his own right?


I had a very nutritious breakfast the morning.


I have not figured out how anyone lived with only a window unit air-conditioner. It really serves no purpose. It provides minimal cool air at the price of getting no sleep. It constantly turns on and off and rattles the windowpanes.


Gary (my Tribble) is doing well this morning. He slept in a crack between my bed and the wall, but I don’t think he has bones or muscles or anything, so be should be fine. In fact he might be a she, I’m not quite sure how to tell.




I have only a few more hours until the cruise leaves and I must leave my phone behind, but I will post more when I return.

My Vacation, Part 1

I have been feeling really stressed out lately so I took a week off of work for a vacation, and I have to say that it has been pretty interesting so far.

I left Saturday night to drive to my grandmothers house near Atlanta. This was the first time I’ve ever driven in Atlanta alone, so I was pretty nervous, but I had Michael Jackson music to make be feel better. But I think people in Atlanta need to learn how to drive.


I left from my grandmothers house on Monday night and then left this morning at 7am for Florida.

This trip to Florida was by far the most interesting one I’ve ever had.

I slept through to first half of the trip and woke up when we stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-A. It was the worst Chick-fil-A I have ever been to I my life. There were dead flys on the tables and the bathroom looked like crap (pun intended). All of the employees looked depressed and I might as well have ordered a rubber sandwich. But the fries were okay.

Then we passed this flea market type of thing with all of these ceramic animals. Some of them were actually kind of disturbing.
























Once we looked through that place we passed a really bad fire with 9 firetrucks trying to control it.

And the highway we got on was “air potrolled” which literally means that helicopters fly over it and check peoples speed and then radio down to cop cars when they catch a speeder.

We are staying at my first KOA campground. Actually we aren’t camping, we got a tiny cabin instead.