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How I Arrived (or Day 1)


I had a fairly interesting day.

I woke up and packed in ten minutes and then had to go to work. When I got to work, the sky was clear and it was about 90 degrees. An older woman got over heated and passed out. So we had a fire truck and an ambulance at work and a team of paramedics took the lady away on a stretcher.

After that, a storm suddenly rolled in and lightning started hitting all around me. The storm sirens sounded and a small tornado passed about 20 miles from my house.

While this was going on, I met a really cool French hipster with awesome glasses. I kind of wish I was French now. Or Scottish. Or British. Anything besides boring American.

After work, I left for North Carolina. It was a rather long drive, but I had some Elton John and Owl City to keep me company. I had to pull over to make a phone call and a K-9 unit cop car turned his lights on and pulled over behind me. He was just checking to make sure I was alright, but he scared me half to death.

I almost got lost when it got dark and I found myself in the foothills of the Smoky mountains on my own. It was pitch black save my feeble headlights. I don’t often find myself in places without artificial light, and I now I know why. It was disturbing. I felt utterly alone. I much prefer a good smoggy city. All of this fresh air is killing me.





College is for idiots?

College is an interesting thing. I would say that approximately 84.67% of the kids at freshman orientation are coming to college to party. Also to party. And party.

There is another, significantly smaller, percentage that just want to get away from home. They seem to make up about 7.33%.

The remaining future students have actually come to college to study. I would be in that last group. I actually care about my future. I don’t care to make minimum wage for all of my adult life.

Of course partying could be fun, but there’s the part about me being very claustrophobic… So maybe partying isn’t the best idea. Also, I have a disorder that causes my face to become violently red if my body is exposed to alcohol (or chlorine) so partying would end up being unsettling and painful.

And while I do want to get away from home as soon as possible, my future existence sort of takes priority. If staying home all the way through college will allow me to be a better person when I finally leave, then I suppose that’s what I’ll do (though I’m still hoping I’ll get to leave sooner).

So answer me this: If the next generation of adults is not concerned with their future, what will happen to us in the next decade? If colleges are mostly made up of idiots who are doomed to fail, what’s going to happen when those idiots become the future?

I wrote a blog post about my Hipster obsession.

I wish I could be a hipster. Hipster is just such a fun word to say. Hipster. Just say it out loud. Isn’t it just fun? I wish I could be a Scottish hipster, but, I’m kind of from Georgia…..

I wish I was hipster, but I’m not skinny and I don’t wear tight, worn jeans or vintage apparel. I don’t have an obsession with Indie-rock (though it is pretty awesome), and I’m not in the 20-30 year old age range just yet.


I just want to fall through a crack in time and find my self in an alternate reality where I would be Andrew Garfield with a Scottish accent and wear cool glasses. And I would work as a photojournalist and basically live at coffee shops. And on the weekends I would travel to the downtowns of famous cities and soak up the night life. Or maybe I would just sit write for hours.





In the alternate reality, I would have a Yorkshire Terrier named Liam and I would live in a totally glass house on the top of huge green hill where it would always be raining.




Too bad gashes in reality are still quite a while in our future. Don’t ask how I know that.

(I am from the future.)

Crazy. Beautiful. Life.

I recently had the pleasure of actually taking the time to sit and enjoy life. I walked outside and looked out across the yard to see rain falling under a perfectly blue sky.

Eventually, clouds rolled out across the blue sky bringing with them, a rainbow. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was wonderful to actually be able to stop and enjoy this beautiful thing called “life”.





Captain America

First off, I have to say that I’ve never been a big fan of Captain America. I’ve always been more attracted to the cape-wearing, super human type. Until now, I considered characters such as Captain America and Bat Man to be weaker than the heroes with superhuman powers. This movie changed my mind forever.

I must say that I left the theater feeling satisfied, and that doesn’t happen often. There was just the right blend of action and comic relief, and I was pleased that the filmmakers didn’t chose to include any gratuitous romantic scenes.

The thing that really stood out to me was how the filmmakers broke from the stereotypical superhero movie and change a few things up.

I found the instance involving the child being thrown into the water to be a refreshing change from the norm. Under usual circumstances, the hero would have had to either make the choice to save the child, but in the process, loose the villain or catch the villain and sacrifice the child. Or in some cases, preform an unrealistic rescue of the child and catch the villain, leaving the audience shaking their heads. The fact that the child knew how to swim not only provided comic relief, but allowed for a subtle change to normal storytelling.

I was also expecting Bucky to be heroically swung back into the train to continue fighting. His death actually helped add more depth to the film and created a more intimate connection with the audience.

The last thing that stuck out to me was the fact that the hero did not get the girl in the end. I will admit that it does seem to leave the audience feeling more content when the hero does get the girl, but I liked the change and I was still content with the ending.

Although the movie was at times, predictable, the filmmakers managed to throw in enough twists to keep me on the edge of my seat. I give Captain America 9 1/2 stars out of 10.


Halloween Costume Ideas

I know Halloween is still a ways off, but I have been thinking about costumes a lot lately. These are my top five favorite costume ideas in to particular order.

1. “Three Hole Punch Jim” from The Office. This is what I’ll go as, if the others fall through since it’s so simple.


2. “Mr. Spock” from Star Trek. I already haw part of this costume, so it’s most likely what I’ll do.


3. “Satan’s Robot” from Star Trek: Voyager. This is my favorite idea, but it’s also the most complicated.


4. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Inc. This is just funny.


5. “The 11th Doctor” from Doctor Who. This is probably the most expensive option, since the jacket alone goes for over $60 on eBay.


Day at the Water Park

I woke up early this morning because of some very strange dreams involving church bells and the word Belgium.

I started this new book partially because it looked good and partially because I wanted to use my new NASA bookmark.


Me and my family and my grandparents decided to skip church and go to the worlds smallest water park.

We stopped at McDonald’s and got some “city folk coffee” as my grandpa calls it.


My sister spilled her coffee all over herself.


The water park was rather interesting. It was more like a waterslide next to a little pool.






We went in the worlds smallest lazy river and my grandpa told my brother to give his tube to a fat lady because his tube was bigger…

Will used all of the ketchup at Wendy’s