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Of Doctors and Elk (or Day 3)

I had a much duller day today. I left my driver’s license and bank card in my father’s car, so I couldn’t really do anything but sit at my camp sight. This could have been fun, but it started raining. So I just had to sit in the back of my car. I had to leave the tailgate open to let some air in, so a hornet decided to take shelter with me. That was not fun.

The up side is that I got to catch up on some reading and edit a few pictures. I tried to do some writing, but I find it hard to write at a campground… in the rain… with a hornet next to me…

I also watched an episode of Doctor Who. I am currently halfway through the David Tennant era. Although I do agree with many people that Tennant was brilliant, Matt Smith is my Doctor. I started watching Doctor Who in 2010, so Smith was the first Doctor I saw. I know that will make me unpopular with many fans, but I can’t help it. It feels like cheating when I say Tennant is my Doctor. I think Tennant mad a much more human Doctor whereas Smith’s Doctor is more alien.

After my father returned, we took a trip to a buffet, were I had a combined breakfast/lunch/supper. We had no food at the campsite, so I just sort of starved.

After breakfast/lunch/supper (brechupper?) we went to find some Elk that my father had seen earlier. And we found:







I really wanted to see a bear, but we didn’t have any luck. I almost when up to pet the Elk, but there was a park ranger behind us, so I figured that wouldn’t be a good idea.

I also saw a man smoking a pipe and a convention of Volkswagen Beetles. I didn’t manage to get pictures of either.


I’m Not So Proud of My Country (or Day 2)

Today, I woke up and it was actually cool outside. It feels like ages since I last felt a cool breeze. Air conditioner just isn’t the same as crisp, cool air.


I had breakfast at a native American buffet and I started to think about culture. I started to think about what terrible people we are. We came over from England and basically told this land’s original inhabitants that we owned the land and that they had to leave. And we have the audacity to be proud of this nation? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

The Cherokee people were once great. Now they have become a tourist attraction. They sell tickets to people to watch them do what once was a way of life.

We even gave them a new name. Native American is not what they are. This wasn’t America before we came here. Now these people are “allowed” to live in small groups across the US.

That brings me to another thought I had. America has no real culture of it’s own. Other nations have their own distinct styles of art, clothing ways of life etc. Here in America, we just take other culture’s distinctiveness and add it to our own. There is no “American” language, we took that from the British. Even the architecture of our own capitol city is borrowed from a people long gone.

I am finding it more and more difficult to be proud of my nation. Don’t get me long, I mean no disrespect to those who have fought to protect me. I may not agree with the idea of war or armies, but I am thankful that there are men and women who are willing to put their own well being at risk for my freedom.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. After I had breakfast I visited a turbine mill built in the late 19th century.


After that, I headed to a mountain which name escapes me, and hiked to the top. A lot of the trees on the mountainside were dead or dying so we asked one of the park rangers what was happening and she told us that a tiny insect that had come over from Europe had multiplied and it had no natural predator so it just keeps growing in number. It drills tiny holes in the base of the trees so that the trees can’t draw nutrients from the soil and they eventually die.


After the hike I had lunch by a creek and tried to take pictures of some fish, but they were to fast.

I then spent the rest if the day relaxing around the campground.

How I Arrived (or Day 1)


I had a fairly interesting day.

I woke up and packed in ten minutes and then had to go to work. When I got to work, the sky was clear and it was about 90 degrees. An older woman got over heated and passed out. So we had a fire truck and an ambulance at work and a team of paramedics took the lady away on a stretcher.

After that, a storm suddenly rolled in and lightning started hitting all around me. The storm sirens sounded and a small tornado passed about 20 miles from my house.

While this was going on, I met a really cool French hipster with awesome glasses. I kind of wish I was French now. Or Scottish. Or British. Anything besides boring American.

After work, I left for North Carolina. It was a rather long drive, but I had some Elton John and Owl City to keep me company. I had to pull over to make a phone call and a K-9 unit cop car turned his lights on and pulled over behind me. He was just checking to make sure I was alright, but he scared me half to death.

I almost got lost when it got dark and I found myself in the foothills of the Smoky mountains on my own. It was pitch black save my feeble headlights. I don’t often find myself in places without artificial light, and I now I know why. It was disturbing. I felt utterly alone. I much prefer a good smoggy city. All of this fresh air is killing me.




Crazy. Beautiful. Life.

I recently had the pleasure of actually taking the time to sit and enjoy life. I walked outside and looked out across the yard to see rain falling under a perfectly blue sky.

Eventually, clouds rolled out across the blue sky bringing with them, a rainbow. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was wonderful to actually be able to stop and enjoy this beautiful thing called “life”.





Halloween Costume Ideas

I know Halloween is still a ways off, but I have been thinking about costumes a lot lately. These are my top five favorite costume ideas in to particular order.

1. “Three Hole Punch Jim” from The Office. This is what I’ll go as, if the others fall through since it’s so simple.


2. “Mr. Spock” from Star Trek. I already haw part of this costume, so it’s most likely what I’ll do.


3. “Satan’s Robot” from Star Trek: Voyager. This is my favorite idea, but it’s also the most complicated.


4. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Inc. This is just funny.


5. “The 11th Doctor” from Doctor Who. This is probably the most expensive option, since the jacket alone goes for over $60 on eBay.


Day at the Water Park

I woke up early this morning because of some very strange dreams involving church bells and the word Belgium.

I started this new book partially because it looked good and partially because I wanted to use my new NASA bookmark.


Me and my family and my grandparents decided to skip church and go to the worlds smallest water park.

We stopped at McDonald’s and got some “city folk coffee” as my grandpa calls it.


My sister spilled her coffee all over herself.


The water park was rather interesting. It was more like a waterslide next to a little pool.






We went in the worlds smallest lazy river and my grandpa told my brother to give his tube to a fat lady because his tube was bigger…

Will used all of the ketchup at Wendy’s


Cruise People

I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of drunk people.

1.) Fun drunk people: These people become more outgoing and fun to be around when they are drunk.

2.) Funny drunk people: These people can have the qualities of the first type, but they go to far and end up making them selves look stupid, much to the enjoyment of those around them.

3.) Annoying drunk people: These people make up 98.3% of the people on cruise ships. They yell and sing in obnoxious voices and break things. They talk to people they don’t know and make them feel uncomfortable, and they usually have shrunken faces and/or awkwardly shaped bodies.

Almost every person on our ship was drunk by the time we left port. I am convinced that the only way to avoid being pestered by these individuals is to become intoxicated yourself, therefor bringing yourself to their level. Of course this is not possible for me since I am… underaged.

Another thing I have noticed is that there are an alarming number of obese children waddling around. Some of them have healthy parents, but most seem to be not-so-mini versions of their parents. It’s really quite sad if you think about it. They say that alcoholism runs in the genes, so I suppose it isn’t too farfetched to say that eating too much could be genetic.

Before anyone yells at me and complains that some people can’t help being overweight, I think you should look at the five plates of food in front of these people before you judge me.

I would also like to talk about the amount of food that is wasted aboard a cruise ship.

I admit that I have been guilty in the past of wasting food, but I have been struck by just how much food is actually thrown out.

I have seen people make two or three plates and eat only one thing off of each plate, and then throw it all away. Some of the people living and working on these ships come from countries that would do anything to get their hands on the leftover food. It must be hard for them to watch all of these fat Americans wasting that much food.