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  It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words; While this may be true, a thousand words is a much more interesting way of introducing myself.

  My name is Christopher Ryan Idus Davis. I will have my name legally changed as soon as possible. I will be seventeen very soon, and I have very few friends because the more friends I make, the more chance there is that I will lose one.

  I have an obsession with science fiction, especially 60’s and 70’s sci-fi shows and 50’s sci-fi cult films. I have a shelf I in my closest dedicated to Star Trek paraphernalia such as DVD’s and books.

  I’m that kid that would wear a Star Wars t-shirt and a pair of Converse to the White House to meet the president.

  I am classified as a political moderate, that is, I am a conservative and a liberal. I believe you are entitled to your own opinion, and I will try my best not to try to change your views. But I’m not making any promises.

  I want to, one day, become a writer. I wrote a 25,000 word short fantasy when I was thirteen, and have been writing ever since.
It’s actually rather hard to decide on one thing to do with my life, as I also enjoy photography, filmmaking and computer programming. I would like to get my privet pilot’s license one day as well.

  I, unfortunately, live in the state of Georgia aka Hell. I can’t stand the whole “good ol’ boy”, redneck mentality. County accents and big, muddy trucks unsettle me, and hearing about hunting sets my teeth on edge.

  I am a pacifist, not because I’m afraid to fight, but because I believe that there is a way to peacefully solve problems. I try to take care of the environment and be as “green” as I can and if I could afford one, I would drive an electric car.

  I am a Christian, but I’m not religious. I was home educated, but I am not socially awkward. I am young, but I am not to be underestimated.


© Buffy Dekmar, 2011


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  1. Reading your “about” makes me wanna say, “You’re a force to reckon with”. I admire the sense of diversity in a person and you obviously have that.

    Well whatever you’re up to, keep on sharing them on your blog especially those that you think will inspire the world. You will never know whom you can inspire so you might as well consider the fact that there will always be someone out there who can relate to you like me whose a thousand miles away from your homeland.

    I will be the first blogger to say “kudos” to you until you find that proverbial neverland. You said you’re nearing …

    God bless you and your family, Christopher Ryan Idus Davis. See you around!


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