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Starfleet Academy Book Review


     I recently finished reading the first novel in a new Star Trek book series called Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. The Delta Anomaly is set in the new, alternate timeline established in J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) and was written by Rick Barba.
     The new series centers around Cadet James T. Kirk and his adventures while he trains at Starfleet Academy. In The Delta Anomaly, Kirk and his good friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy are trying to find a murderer that uses a swarm of microscopic robots to destroy the organs of his victims.
     The book it pretty fast paced and well written, but I did catch a few things that are inconsistent with Trek cannon. There is reference made to a Ferringi trader in one part of the book, which shouldn’t be possible, since Starfleet had not encountered the Ferringi yet. Also, characters talk on phones at several points in the book, rather than communicators.
     I suppose these inconsistencies can be attributed to the fact that the story is set in an alternate timeline, but I hope that future Trek writers don’t use the new timeline as an excuse for inconsistencies or as a springboard to change things too much.


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