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Social Acceptance

Jack was the star quarterback at his school. He had been dating the prettiest girl in town and hung with only the most popular kids. But when Jack’s father took a job in Fate, Arkansas, everything changed.

Jack arrived at the school to find that the entire social structure of the only high-school for miles, was reversed.

Jack joined the football team, only to find that the other players sat alone at lunch, while the kids Jack had considered the “nerds” and “emos” ruled the school. The only time anyone ever spoke to a “jock” was when they were insulting them. Jack quickly learned that he would either have to adapt, or become the outcast.

He would have to make the choice between staying true to who he really was, or changing himself to become someone he wasn’t, so that he would be socially accepted.


About Christopher R. Davis

I am from the future.

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