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Five reasons why Voyager is better than TNG

So I have come up with the top five reasons that Star Trek: Voyager is better than Star Trek: The Next Generation. They are in no particular order.

1.) The effects (visual and computer) are of much better quality. Voyager used a computer generated ship for the last few seasons verses TNG’s model-against-a-bluescreen. this allowed the shots of the ship to look more realistic. ( And I think Voyager had a bigger per-episode budget.)

2.) There is no Will Riker. I found his character repulsive. He always had an attitude with everyone, no matter if they were wrong or right. And they way he always gave orders on the bridge, while Picard sat there doing nothing… Fail. And he was massively puffy and was always trying to look sexy… FAIL!

3.) Voyager went back to what The Original Series was all about, going boldly where no man has gone before. They truly were where no human had ever been before, exploring strange new worlds and interacting with new civilizations just like the crew of the original Enterprise.

4.) Captain Janeway was defiantly the best captain. She could be forceful if she needed to, but most of the time she was just nice.

5.) 7 of 9. Nuff said.


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